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Yarn Butterfly Wall Art – Ages 5+

Materials Needed to Create 4 Butterflies:
8 Craft Sticks (Regular 4.5 inch – NOT jumbo)
4 Pipe Cleaners (11 inch chenille stems)
Yarn for the butterfly body (4 colors at 26 inch long / 1 color per butterfly)
8 Wood Beads
1 dowel or stick about 16”
5 pieces of hanging yarn (4 pieces at 16 inch long and 1 piece at 20 inch long)

The tradition of weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. Many cultures around the world have a history of weaving branches and twigs to create fences, baskets and shelters. Weaving is one of the primary methods of textile production. Adding fiber like yarn allows you to make something useful or fun or beautiful — or ALL THREE! There are many ways that you can weave yarn onto sticks to create your own works of art. Below are instructions to create yarn butterflies. You can make other crafts with the materials provided. You can use sticks you find outside. Be creative! Have fun!


  1. Place two craft sticks on top of one another. Tie one end of the body yarn around the two stick and knot them together tightly.
  2. Open the sticks into an X. Try to make them as even as possible. Wind the yarn 2-3 times around the two middle directions of the X.
  3. Turn the X sideways and work on one half of the X at a time. Wind your yarn in front and on top of the top stick and around the back. Then bring it to the front between the 2 sticks and over the bottom stick. Wind around the back and bring it to the front between the 2 again. Go over the top again and repeat. As you wind you will always cross from back to front in the middle.
  4. Continue weaving until one side is completed. Tie off the end by cutting the yarn about 4 inches long and making a knot on the end. Weave the extra yarn into the wing and cut the end off.
  5. Follow step 3 for the second wing.
  6. Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Holding the two ends together feed it through one bead (top or head bead). Leave about 2 inches of pipe cleaner above the head. Open up the pipe cleaners below the head. Put one side on each side of the center of the X. Add another bead (bottom or body). Curl the ends of the pipe cleaners over the head and under the body.
  7. Tie the end of a piece of hanging yarn around the top of both pipe cleaners at the top of the head. Knot this 3 times tightly. Tie the other end to the dowel or stick at desired length.
  8. Using a pen, pencil or crayon, draw face on the front (eyes and a mouth) on your top bead.
  9. Complete steps 1-7 for all 4 butterflies.
  10. Tie the largest hanging yard to each side of the dowel or stick for hanging. ENJOY!!


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