Four Themes, Endless Possibilities

Each kit contains one complete project with materials and instructions. Some of the materials are reusable (markers, crayons, pencils, glue, etc.) and can be used to create other things.

For a description, list of materials and instructions for each kit, click on the kit name.

For a list of additional projects, you can find online and do at home, click here for our Resources page.

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Art4All Pittsburgh also has downloadable coloring sheets from Handmade Arcade’s “Things Making Things” coloring book.


Journals: Kit materials and instructions

Coming Soon:
Family Tree
Self Portraits

Nature and Environment

Yarn Butterflies: Kit materials and instructions

Coming Soon:
Bird Windmill
Bee Hive
Pollinator Plantings
Nature Stamp Painting


Coming Soon:
Stained Glass Suncatcher
Straw Painting


Coming Soon:
Holiday Crown
Treasure Box

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