Kit Making and Delivery

Three ways that you can help:


Become a Kit Maker at Home

Purchase all the items needed for making a craft kit, put the entire craft kit together following our instructions and safety protocols.

Kit makers must follow our safety procedures while packaging. Once the kits are completed, place them in a box/bag, seal the box/bag with staples or tape and then add the date in a large and visible manner to the outside of the package.

When your complete kits are ready, contact us to arrange for a pick-up or drop-off time. All kits will be held for 72 hours before being delivered to a hand-out location.



Become a component maker

Each kit has different parts. A component maker donates and puts together parts of the kits.

For example, you can order a bulk box of crayons or markers, create a set, package it, deliver or mail the packaged components that can then be added to the complete kits.

Component makers must follow our safety procedures while packaging. Each package of completed components will need to be sealed and dated. The dates allow Art4All to know when it is safe for components to be added to the kit.


Become a delivery person

Once the craft kits are complete and meet our safety standards, they need to be distributed.

Delivery people will pick up boxes and/or bags of kits and deliver them to our partner organizations who will distribute them to kids in need. 

All packages of completed kits will be dated. No kits will be delivered to a partner organization until 72 hours have passed from the date the kit was completed.

Art4All plans to use the Artsmiths of Pittsburgh location at 329 E. Main St., Carnegie as our centralized for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Before you start, visit the Safety Procedures page. It is vital that you and the recipients remain safe from the coronavirus during packaging and delivery. 

Ready to get started?


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